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Join the students at Central High School who are building brighter futures. Our teachers are on a mission to help you earn your diploma and succeed at life.
Are you ready to join us? If you’re between the ages of 15 and 21, fill out the form or give us a call to learn more. Your future self will thank you!

Why Central High School?

  • Tuition is always free!
  • Receive a first-class education.
  • Get the chance to become all you can be.
  • Everyone learns differently. Get the kind of education that’s just right for you — whether that means working at a different pace or catching up on credits.
  • Traditional eight hour school days don’t work for everyone, especially if you are a young parent or financially supporting your family. We provide flexible scheduling for all of our students to better fit the unique circumstances of everyday life.
  • We provide outstanding career technical education to ensure your future starts right after graduation. We want to make job security, social mobility, and financial prosperity without having to go to college a reality for all of our students.

We’re conveniently located near you in Columbus: